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July 06 2015


How they work

Did you ever hear of the particular bubbler water bong? The possibilities are you have . As you probably know from the name, these particular bubblers take advantage of normal water to help smoothing the actual smoke. They'll work in the same way a bong does, in the manner that the downpipe in the bong transports the smoke towards the bottom part of a chamber and makes a way for it to escape and escalate through the water. Every smoking device that utilizes h2o is usually better compared to one which doesn't.

July 02 2015


Spliffs and weed

In comparison with smoking a spliff, bongs are really healthy. Smoking most things, be it tobacco or weed, won't be positive for the actual consumers organs.

Various rumors are going around that make claims medical marijuana smoke can give the user lung cancer, it really has not necessarily been verified but whenever weed is combust as a result of heat it does discharge a handful of acknowledged chemical substances which may result in health problems. Inhaling these could cause the consumer medical issues, additional research is presently on-going to see just how badly the harm could be. bongs have been generally meant to overcome this issue.

So you may be questioning how all these devices function, cannabis smokes work simply by enclosing cannabis inside of a heating chamber and enabling the heat range to elevate until it's close to combusting the actual marijuana, then the device provides a vapor that contains the THC exclusively, with all the evil tars and toxins eradicated. Vaporizing medical marijuana is claimed to eliminate around 95% of the smoke that's breathed.

Clearly, cannabis smokes are the key to healthy and balanced smoking, but it really does not cease at health advantages. Recent experiments show that old smokers which moved to vaping exhibited signs and symptoms of respiratory harm reversal caused by smoke. 
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